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Heute Kurze-Hosen-Befehl meiner Frau befolgt. Zum ersten Mal. Kurze Hose.


Im guten Glauben bei auf TAXI BUCHEN geklickt. Kein Fahrer kam. @taxiberlin_de hat uns gerettet und pünktlich zum Flughafen gebracht. Ich wünschte, "TAXI" wäre ein geschützter Begriff nur für die Profis.


Why can I only register to .io with my google account?


Made my homepage by means of : Now this pure HTML site must learn and . But how?


My wish: posting photos from my cms @withknown to pixelfed - or just the other way round. Up to now I am using instagram to post on my known site by means of In the long run I only want to use @pixelfed. Any idea?


I sometimes post on instagram. And with the help of blogging software @withknown and @kylewmahan my photos appear on my homepage via POSSE. But meanwhile I received requests from two persons who liked my pictures on Instagram. But they do not want to stand with their real name on my homepage. I had to delete their likes. I must accept that not everybody wants to cross a


Thanks to @nxd4n I can publish my status updates from my cms @WithKnown to the mastodon fediverse. Thank you.


"Papa, lass mich lügen. Du kannst nicht lügen."


Habe gerade unter Windows 10 den Nachtmodus eingestellt (Blaulicht). Ich würde am liebsten gleich meinen Schlafanzug anziehen.