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It took me seconds to connect with twitter and days with facebook

2 min read

CMS Known


Finally I have made it to connect my self hosted Known site with facebook. But unfortunately it took me 2 days. Whereas connecting to Twitter and Flickr took me just a few seconds. What went wrong?

After logging in as so called Faceook Developer my app remained in developement mode. Or in other words: it is not live yet. What could I do?

Facebook developement mode 

I clicked the Getting Started button, of course. And I was very hardworking. I wrote a description, an explanation for permission (I would like to autopost articles from my site to my facebook profile.), I uploaded 4 screenshots out from Known, copied a privacy policy and finally I even made an app icon. I was proud and felt a bit like a student about to graduate.

After 2 days the certificate of my failure came, dressed in red. You do not need to submit any items for approving at all!

Facebook Developer Failure

OK, I asked my friend Google. And even real developers had the same problem:

All I missed was to add a so called Contact Mailaddress in the Settings. It was neither a mandatory fieled nor was there any hint to fill all fields in this tab after submitting. And now they want to know about my app review experience? Unique. Hey, it´s Facebook where all my friends are who do not know what I am doing.

P.S. Don´t forget to visit the Brigdy website to authenticate for facebook.


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