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Bookmark: Convert CSV-data to XML-files

Here’s a tool The Techwriting Engineer developed that transforms CSV-data into XML-data based on a template.

How it works.


Mysterious DITA-OT but still loving it. Only YES in uppercase with task labels (property name="args.gen.task.lbl" value="YES"/)


Bookmark: Inside DITA: Line Breaks

Zero Width Space - In other cases, rather than tell the renderer what words must be kept together, we may choose instead to tell it where it may break. A zero-width space will add a space for the line-break algorithm, but won’t be visible at all in the presentation of the text.


Writing Use Cases in DITA XML for a faster software documentation.


Bookmark: The content strategy of things

Intelligent content is structurally and semantically rich, reusable, reconfigurable, and adaptable. Content can stand alone as small snippets of information or be combined into longer blocks of information. And since it is XML-based, it can be transformed into any format required.