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Effective leadership is measured by customer satisfaction. Everyone is a customer: even your colleagues in every department. @SaiffSolutions


DITAC doesn´t interpret reltables (Relationship Tables). I have to resort to Related Links. @xmlmind: Did I miss something?


Content Developer's Intro to Business Process Management


Subject oriented linking within apps and websites works great in techcomm, too. See A List Apart @sophiavux -


Embedding a github gist as a whole blogpost into blogging cms works great - @withknown


Halten Sie Ihre Onlinehilfe durch ein Linkkonzept und indirektem Verlinken modular.


Mysterious DITA-OT but still loving it. Only YES in uppercase with task labels (property name="args.gen.task.lbl" value="YES"/)


Writing Use Cases in DITA XML for a faster software documentation.