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How to Connect Your Site with Twitter and Facebook

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CMS Known

With Known ( you can publish blog posts, photos and media to your own site, and syndicate it to your social networks. POSSE (Post on Own Site, Syndicate Everywhere).

If you do not have access to your web server, or otherwise want to save time, it is a good idea to use Convoy. A service provided by withknown.

Connecting with Twitter

A prerequisite for the Twitter plugin is that you provide a mobile phone number at twitter.

  1. Download the Twitter plugin from
  2. Unzip the files.
  3. Create a twitter folder in the plugins directory of your known installation and copy the files to the twitter folder.
  4. Go to Site configurations > plugins and enable Twitter. Afterwards a Twitter entry appears in the site configuration`s menu.
  5. Click the Twitter entry.
  6. Copy the Callback URL.
  7. In the twitter configuration click on the link create a new application in the  twitter developer portal.
  8. Sign in with your twitter account and click on the Create New App button.
  9. Paste the Callback URL into the corresponding field. Fill in your website URL and give your application a name and a description. Create your App.
  10. Click on the button Test OAuth above right to see the Consumer Secret and copy it.
  11. Return to your known twitter configuration tab and paste the Consumer Secret into the field API Secret.
  12. Fill in the the other application details such as the API Key (Consumer Key).
  13. Go to Settings > Twitter and click Connect Twitter.
  14. Sign in with your twitter account and click Authorize App.

    Testing you app data.

    As soon as you write a new post or so, you can decide to publish your text automatically on twitter by pressing the twitter button showing the corresponding account name.

    Publish my known post to twitter.


Connecting with Facebook

Linking with Facebook is analogous. After copying the files of the facebook plugin from github to your known installation, again you have to activate the new plugin.

As with Twitter, Facebook wants to get your phone number. This time you will even become a developer!

Facebook Developer

Choose Website as platform.

Website platform

Fill in your URL eg.

Pull back the likes and tweets

via Bridgy. Click Settings > Interactions and activate the networks.